Tabor Lutheran Church

Feed Branford Kids (FBK)

The Branford Food Pantry is providing oversight and  assistance, and acting as fiduciary, for a new program called Feed Branford Kids (FBK). Through the Connecticut Food Bank and the Board of Education, it is established that 24% of Branford school kids are eligible for food assistance at school and it is observed that a substantial number of these kids go to school Mondays extremely hungry due to poor feeding at home over the weekends. The FBK program will provide suitable food for take home on Fridays. The schools will identify the needy children, obtain any family approvals and make the distributions. As of March 2020, there are over 180 children already enrolled in the program, in the grade schools, with a potential of 800 children. The program costs $4.60 per week per child so financial support from the community is vital. 

Tabor will be collecting healthy snacks  to support this program.  Food will be collected in the Narthex and brought to the Food Pantry weekly on Tuesday mornings!  We encourage you to participate!

Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church

Third Sunday in Lent